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GoodfoodUK food handlers in food safety certificate, £15.00  Certificate posted within 2 working days £15

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Garden Chicken Panini

Cooking time 20mins



This is the only web site where you can obtain your. Good food UK food handlers in food safety certificate,

In the comfort of your home or office.

Good food UK this company was founded in 1984. we specialize in Food safety.   TEST It.s Free Have a Go


It is now essential for all food handlers to receive appropriate training in the preparation and handling of food and for all employees to receive health and safety training. Further, under the requirements of the new Food Safety (General Food safety) Regulations which came into effect on the 15th September 1995 it is now required that all food businesses carry out a Food Safety hazard analysis and a Food Safety risk assessment of their operations.


If you would like to have a go, to see if you can pass your "Good Food UK food  handlers in food safety" certificate. Candidates achieving twenty five or more correct answers will be awarded a certificate at £15.00


We will let you know, by e-mail, if You have passed  

certificate posted within 2 working days of a successful test pass  PAY ON LINE

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Tomatoes With Vinaigrette

Cooking time 1hr 10mins


Goodfood UK is not part of any organization or claimed to be a part of Chartered Institute of Environmental Health


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Basic Food Hygiene online

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